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School closes for the Easter break on Thursday 28th March at 2pm. We reopen on Monday 8th April at 08:30. Happy Easter everyone

Year 1-2.

This half term we had the opportunity to learn some new songs like “You are my Sunshine”, “Row, Row” “Pass it high” and others.

Our recorded music was from the Carnival of the Animals (Saint-Saens).

With our voices and instruments we explored how music works, going up and down in different melodies and working hard playing clear and accurate rhythms with some of our new instruments like castanets, maracas and tambours.


Year 3-4.

In year 3/4 in Spanish we have had more and more conversation, something basic to learn the language, also we have learnt new vocabulary like months or more numbers. As well, we made our own Spanish passport. Now, they can give their details in Spanish in case they get lost or you want they help you checking-in your hotel in the event of Spanish holidays!


In music we have made differences between pulse and rhythm and ostinato and melody. We have learnt how to play an ostinato while I was playing the trumpet or they were singing “Three blind mind”. Our recorded music was from the Four Season of Vivaldi, guessing what the composer wanted to transmit us.


Also we have started playing xylophones not just for the accompaniment of a song; we are able to play melodies while we sing!


Last day of the term, the majority of children could have the opportunity to blow into my trumpet. It was very funny to see their first experience trying to make a sound with it and I should say that they are very talented!


Year 5-6.

Samba, samba, we like samba! Brazilian rhythms have been every day in class. “Olele olala” or “Balanca Povo” were some songs we worked with. We matched words with rhythms and we were able to create our own lyrics to match the rhythms given. Their improvement with xylophones was really good, now it is not too complicate name all the notes from a song and start playing it. Recorded music came from Brazil as well, listening to “Batucadas” and concerts.


At the end of the half term we separated the groups being just Y5 for music and Spanish. It was the time to introduce our Spanish challenge which consists on filming a movie using the iPads. The decision will be given in the following half term when every group finishes his creation. They have written a screenplay just in Spanish with expressions, questions, answers, numbers and days of the week to reproduce it around the Forest School and Peace Garden. Hard work in a natural way to learn a language!


Spanish club.

Finally, I want to congratulate all my Y34 who attended the after school Spanish club, they were absolutely great in all activities and I did really enjoy editing the video about the club that we showed everybody in the assembly.


¡Muy bien! Hasta pronto.

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