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Our Prefects - Introduction


What do you think the role of a prefect involves?

A prefect has to have the qualities of being kind, fair, confident, being helpful and using the various learning powers. You need to help people make the right choices. 


A prefect has to be loyal and willing to help a teacher with their daily tasks. They have to respect other prefects and students. You need to be a role model and set a good example when you represent our school. 




Why do you want to be a prefect?

I want to be a prefect because I want to help people to learn and help them to make the right choices. I also want to be an inspiration to younger children and be s good role model. 



I would like to be a prefect so I can help people who need help at lunch time solve an argument and when people need help when they are hurt you can help them. 




Being a prefect requires you to show lots of leadership skills. What leadership skills have you got?

I play fair and I don't hesitate to help others to make the right choices. I also love helping others to make the right decisions in their learning even outside of school. 



I am confident, polite and I am fair. I believe that is how to become a good leader. I will let people know what is right and wrong. I can show people the way and lead from the front. 




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