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United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) articles supported:


What is it?

The pupil premium is a grant given to schools for each child who currently claims free school meals or has done so in the past. It is vital that any parent whose child is eligible for pupil premium applies, even if they do not choose to claim the free meals, as the grant enables us to provide extra resources for your child.


How do we review the impact of this money?

Each half term we look at how individual children and groups are making progress. We do this at our 'Pupil Progress Conference' with each teacher and Ms O'Mullane looks specifically at the progress of children who are in receipt of Pupil Premium funding. Ms O'Mullane then puts a report together which is presented to our governing body committee for 'Curriculum, Send and Standards' which is Chaired by Mrs McHugh one of our governors. The committee makes sure we are spending the money efficiently and that it is helping children to get better outcomes in their learning. It is also reviewed by the Finance committee who check regularly on how we spend our budget.


Identified barriers to educational achievement

At St Mary's we have identified the following barriers for some of the pupils currently in receipt of Pupil Premium:

  • Speech and Language
  • Access to extra -curricular activities – Enriching experiences such as educational visits, music tuition
  • Attendance & punctuality
  • Social Communication
  • Emotional well-being -pupils with specific social and emotional needs which affect their learning
  • Support for learning at home


What we do

The government allows us to spend this money in a variety of ways. We make sure that it impacts the children positively by improving their literacy and mathematical skills, as well as their social and emotional wellbeing.


In the past year, St. Mary’s received pupil premium grant (PPG) for 80 of our pupils.


You can read in detail about how this money has been allocated and the impact this has had. Please click below to download the PDF.



Pupil Premium Statement 2023/2024

Pupil Premium Statement and Impact Review 2022/2023

Pupil Premium Statement and Impact Review 2021/2022

Pupil Premium Statement and Impact Review 2020/2021

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