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School closes for the Easter break on Thursday 28th March at 2pm. We reopen on Monday 8th April at 08:30. Happy Easter everyone

Fantastic start of the course!


Y56 children have been revising all we learnt last course and adding some more interesting expressions. As a reward, I have been showing a chapter of the Simpsons in Spanish and it has been unbelieavable how many words they understand easily.


In music, we worked in the Patterns Project and Yo Mamana Yo Project from Music in the classroom and singing different songs from Singing in the School.


Y4 children have been involved as a teachers explaining their learning of Spanish to the Y3 children who have never got an Spanish lesson before. It has been amazing seeing how good and quickly they understand everything and their enthusiasm with the numbers, greetings, songs... and see Y4 improvement in their pronunciation and fluency.


In music, we have had our percussion instruments and start reading music to get ready to our "Composition Class Project" that we will develop next half-term.Also, very funny songs from Singing in the Classroom and pop songs chosen by them as an award every day for their fantastic attitude.


Music in Y2. Children are definitely above any initial objective we can set. Their fantastic work last year is giving me the opportunity to introduce more challenging activities and songs to play and sing. They have been copying rhythms increasing the difficulty every lesson, making clear differences between pulse and rhythm swapping between them easily and leading songs as a real conductor.


Music in Y1. Children have been working in the differencies between wooden, metal and skin instruments. Good work in copying rhythms and important progress in their listening skills being able to follow a steady pulse or match a pulse with a music given.


The award for Y12 children is to have a go playing the trumpet, while I am blowing into it they press the valves. Fast or slow, quiet or loud, romantic or for a march... they choose and they love it!

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