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We have a few in year places in some year groups. Please take a look at the website and fill in the online admission form if you want to happy and we will be in touch.

It's my birthday...tomorrow! I'm so excited but my birthday means that I have to go back and for some reason I don't want to! It's been really fun over these past couple of days and I have learnt a lot. I learnt about the rocks in Windemere and I worked as a team for the whole week, especially when we went canoeing. We all got really wet but we had so much fun! We went near a beach to do something called scrambling and we had to fit into really tight spaces. I guess that was easy for me- I have always been really skinny and I am small. 


After dinner me and Hannah had to tidy up, just us two. I thought Mr Usher was joking at first but he wasn't! After a short time, Mrs Wilson and Mr Usher came in and used a cloth to wrap around our heads. I was confused at first but I just went along with it. They led us into the lounge and when they unfolded our blindfolds I saw everyone sitting in there and they shouted 'SURPRISE!' In front of us were three cakes and chocolates. We celebrated our birthdays with our friends and I truly knew that it was the best day of the week! 


From Erin


Today we did the ropes course, the hardest part was the bit where the ropes crossed over, this is where most people fell off and you had to show a lot of resilience. Much like the climbing wall, which was quite challenging but fun at the same time. I managed to get up to the top once, the first time I got half way up, second I reached the top and felt really happy! 


After was the caves. We had to walk in the pitch black - some of us didn't like it but we showed co-operation and got through it together. This made us cheerful because we all worked together and achieved it as a team.


I am looking forward to canoeing now, will tell you about it soon.



Wednesday 27th January


Today we were busy on the zip wire and climbing up Gummers How. This morning we were very tired, especially our room...we did not expect the breakfast bell to go that early! The zip wire was great, some of us faced a challenge due to the height but we worked as a team to help each other and came up with some advice for those who were struggling. This was to close your eyes and hope for the best! 


The walk was tiring and we were beginning to miss our families a little, however, we were proud to complete the hill climb we are now excited to take part in Ghyll Head's Got Talent 2016.


We will keep you posted on the results.

Isabella and Susannah. 

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