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Prospective parents can contact school for a Covid safe socially distanced tour of the school. Meanwhile you can take a look at our short films which give a taste of what we offer here at St Mary's

We will use their £2,500 Green Grant to start a gardening club. The club will run during school hours and after school, working with local community groups to plant trees, bulbs and build bird boxes.


Mr Usher commented: “We are delighted to have secured funding through the Green Grant scheme. Building a garden will add some much needed greenery to a part of the school that currently doesn’t match the ‘green feel’ of St Mary’s. It will also teach the children respect for wildlife and the importance of caring for our environment.”

Year 6 had a fantastic morning planting their shoe gardens with compost, daffodil bulbs, snowdrops and primulas. They also continued to fill our new sleeper planters with bulbs. We look forward to a great show in the spring as we drag ourselves through the winter months. 

Mr Kelly will be planting with Year 5 and Miss Marshall with Year 4. Nursery and Reception children will have their own area outside their classrooms and the older children in the school will be supporting Year 3, 2 and 1. 


Everyone in the school will have their own little creative garden.....even the teachers. 


 All the above has been funded by the Clean City Bid and the grant we got from first trans pennine fund.


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