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School closes for the Easter break on Thursday 28th March at 2pm. We reopen on Monday 8th April at 08:30. Happy Easter everyone

¡Buenos días!


I hope everybody had a great entrance in 2015 y una Feliz Navidad.


During the last halfterm of the year we have carried on learning more new songs in Y12 music classes. Some Y2 children had the opportunity to come into Y1 classes to teach the children songs we used to sing last course. It´s fantastic seeing their responsibility indicating them when to tap or how to sing it! Y2 also have met the xylophone, going up and down, right and left, to understand what the shape of a song (melody) is.


Y34 children have finished with their project of the Class composition, good results with accurate and very musical performance. Also, they had the chance to see and play other children´s work to compare and describe.


In Spanish we are challenging their pronunciation as it is very important to be understood! Also, topics such numbers, parts of the body or how to introduce themselves are always in class.


Y56 have developed their musical skills playing the xylophones, specially with our Christmas Carols. Huge improvement from last course, as it took me less than half of the time to make them start playing independently. Congratulations everyone! It sounded great!


In Spanish, our topics were "Brothers and Sisters" and "Pets". Children, as always, were very excited to tell everyone the pet they have at home and very funny when I had to translate Vietnamese pig as I have never heard about that!


Regarding the Spanish club, another successful time with in this case Y3 children. The new 10 children were absolutely fantastic singing, dancing, playing and making me laugh when they create new Spanish words as I used to do learning English not many years ago.


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