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“Children are made readers on the laps of their parents” 

                                                                         Emilie Buchwald


At The Federation of St Cuthbert’s and St Mary’s we strive to foster a love of reading at school and at home.

We believe that speaking, listening, reading and writing are fundamental life skills, which enable children to communicate effectively in all areas and equips them for the challenges they will face in the wider world.

Reading is an entitlement that should enable children to connect with some of the finest words ever written. It should open up a world of possibility and intrigue. A centralised aspect of our Book-Led Curriculum across the school is to ensure reading influences the thoughts, feelings and emotions of our learners.

At school we will teach and support children to develop a love of reading through class reads and story time, alongside the systematic teaching strategies of daily phonics lesson, and Whole Class and Guided Reading sessions where strategies for reading are explicitly taught.


Reading daily at home provides your child with an opportunity to practice the skills they have been learning in school to further develop and cement them into their reading practice and understanding.


The more you read, the more things you will know.

The more that you learn, the more places you will go.

                                                                Dr Seuss

Reading At Home


How to support your child's reading at home:


Reading aloud to your child daily. As often as possible. This is still the #1 way to support early readers and ensure that your child has the best possible start at reading. And it’s fun!


What books? Any books are fine for reading aloud. You are doing the reading and modeling and your child is benefiting in a lot of ways!


Got a library card? Perfect! Head over to the children’s section and allow your child to choose some books. Choice is a powerful motivator so the more you can include your child in the books you read together, the better!


How about making there own books? Have your child tell you a story and you write the words. She can go back and add pictures. Then read the story together. You will be surprised how well children can read books they create themselves!


Read, read, read it again


We call this repeated reading. When your child is able to read a book, have her read it over and over again until she reads it fluently and flawlessly — with expression too! She can read it to all the members of the family, the childminder, brother, the dogs, and cats, or even her stuffed teddies. The key is repetition. 


Talk about what you read with your child


Pause during the story and ask questions about the characters.

*It’s always best to phrase your question as if you were asking yourself — or thinking out loud. Don’t make this a quiz! Just have fun.


“I wonder why Harry was afraid. What do you think?”


Help your child identify with the characters or the problem/conflict in the story.


“I remember a time that I was afraid during a storm. Have you ever been afraid during a storm?”


Process the events in the story by reviewing what’s happened so far.


“So far Harry has visited his best friend, made some potions, and what else has happened?”


Take time to look at the pictures — they are there for an important reason: to help your child comprehend the story better.


“Look at Susanna as she lays in bed. What do you think she is thinking or feeling?” “How can you tell?”


Make predictions about what will happen next.

“I wonder if Susanna will run to her grandma’s room? What do you think she’ll do next?”

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