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Laudato Si: Live Simply

In July 2021 we became the first school in Manchester Local Authority to gain the Caritas Live Simply Award

Here are some of the things we already do and some we plan to do to achieve our award and our aim of living simply:


1 Hold a walk, vigil or reflection to reflect on creation
Whole school walk around Cringle Park finishing in our Forest School

2 Say the livesimply prayer
To be displayed in classes behind altars and said daily. 

3 Hold a seasonal liturgy or livesimply Mass
Linked to number 1. Liturgy in Forest School 

4 Celebrate the feast of St Francis, patron saint of the environment, on 4 October
Whole school learning about St.Francis on that day. 

5 Celebrate the Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation on 1 September
1st activity we all do in RE books in September. 

6 Tree planting for Baptisms and first Holy Communions
Can this be done on the church grounds after Communions each year? 

7 Hold an outdoor service
We have evidence of this with Father Ahern and others planned - including our weekly collective worship sessions in each class

8 Use worship materials from the Green Christian website
   Work ongoing

9 Make and display a livesimply banner from
recycled materials
Planned for next academic year

10 Support CAFOD’s Lent and Harvest Fast Days
We could link this to our collection for cornerstones. 

11 Allocate time for silent reflection before Mass
We this before collective worships and children already sit and reflect quietly before church services. 

12 Write messages of hope for refugees, inspired by the Lampedusa cross

Mr Usher will make a large one of these for outside and the children write messages on. 

13 Invite a speaker to talk about Laudato Si’
Father Ahern will come and talk to us on his next visit

14 Reflect on Laudato Si’ using CAFOD’s guide
Practical action - has ben done as part of our self evaluation of RE

15 Rules to reduce waste 
To be done. 

16 Compost kitchen  waste
Speak to kitchen. 

17 Use washable – not disposable - napkins, cloths, mugs and cutlery
    In place 

18 Email copies of newsletters instead of printing
     We already do this

19 Print double-sided to save paper
    We already do this. 

20 Create an outdoor space for prayer and contemplation
     We have a well used Peace Garden. 

21 Support or set up a second-hand school uniform exchange
     We regularly place uniform outside that parents and carers can access free of charge

22 Conduct an energy audit of buildings and monitor progress
    Planned for next academic year. 

23 Draught-proof and insulate buildings

24 Investigate whether your diocese is part of the ChurchMarketPlace / IFM renewable energy scheme
    To be done. 

25 Use energy-saving lightbulbs and switch off lights
     We have a works schedule to install latest lighting which uses latest bulbs etc. 

26 Turn off computers and photocopiers when not in use
     We do this. 

27 Timetable meetings to minimise heating
      Lunch instead of after school. 

28 Reduce the use of floodlights
    Outdoor lighting on front is timed. 

29 Audit your recycling and look for more ways you can recycle
   Massive! and ongoing currently the Fire trade group are looking at this 

30 Install double glazing 31 Install solar panels
     All new windows are double glazed. 
     We could install solar panels on roof and sell electric back the grid. 

32 Reduce water wastage 
     Timed taps to be fitted throughout school. 

33 Display local bus routes 

34 Provide bike racks

35 Encourage car-shares for meetings, or to attend church
    We do this when we go to St.Cuthbert's for twilights. 

36 Hold a ‘Walk to School’ day
   We are part of the living streets and walk to school programme WOW + stickers for children that walk that day.

   We also do a daily mile!

37 Become a collection point for local foodbanks 
    Cornerstones plus Burnage centre. 

38 Use environmentally-friendly cleaning products 
    Evidence invoices. 

39 Use recycled paper and envelopes
     Evidence invoices. 

40 Install bird feeders, boxes or bat boxes
     Planned for next academic year

41 Create a shared vegetable garden
     Community allotment space now in place plus our new school greenhouse

42 Become a Fairtrade parish or school
    Discuss with governors

43 Use ethical banking and insurance

44 Fundraise for CAFOD World Gifts

45 Install a water butt to collect rain water
     Planned for next academic year

46 Support local refugee projects
    Planned for next academic year

47 Hold a card signing in support of CAFOD’s latest campaign
     Planned for next academic year

48 Organise a litter-picking walk
     We do these regularly

49 Make links with other local faith groups
    Madina mosque. 

50 Plant wildflowers to attract insects and birds
    We do this already

51 Collect unwanted spectacles, mobile phones and ink cartridges for recycling Reaching out. 
     Planned for next academic year

52 Promote a parish or school ‘unplugged day’ - No TVs, phones or computers
     Planned for next academic year

53 Create a ‘livesimply ideas’ Lenten or Advent calendar
     Can be done in each class. 5 min sketch in a daily grid box. 

54 Encourage everyone to make a livesimply pledge
   Planned for next academic year

55 Put living simply tips of the week in a newsletter or on a noticeboard
    Add this section to newsletter from September

56 Organise parish walks or days out which are open to all
     Link to number 1. 

57 Organise a children’s gardening club
    We do this already. 

58 Organise a Bring and Buy sale
    Xmas? Money raised goes to CAFOD. 

59 Publicise local recycling facilities
    On weekly newsletter. 

60 Hold a film evening with a livesimply theme; showing, for example, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, or ‘Before the Flood’
Planned for next academic year

61 Hold a climate change quiz night
Planned for next academic year

62 Run CAFOD’s climate change game with your class or youth group
Planned for next academic year

63 Make links with local groups, such as Friends of the Earth, Wildlife Trust, RSPB
Planned for next academic year

64 Set up a St Vincent de Paul group
On St.Francis Day 4th October. 

65 Write to local council leaders, MPs or MEPs
 We do this already for example Celebrating difference day. 

66 Write to local newspapers about important local issues
Litter pick and campaign to stop housing being built on local green field site

67 Link to communities in developing countries with CAFOD’s Connect2
We do this through our links to Fr Pat and to Chimbote

68 Support local refugees with the Jesuit Refugee Service
Planned for next academic year

69 Make land available for people to grow food
We do this through our free mini allotments

70 Become an access point for a local credit union
    Links to the Bread and butter thing

71 Support local furniture re-use organisations
To be done. There are places on A6. 

72 Provide household items for rehoused homeless people
 We do this for families in need

73 Lobby or go to meet your local MP
     Good links and has given a talk in school. 

74 Visit elderly or housebound people
    Locals at Christmas. 

75 Make craft items out of recycled materials
    Garden pots competition out of milk bottles. 

76 Use ‘freecycle’ websites to give away unwanted items
      We do this as and when we need to
77 Use charity shops
     We do this - often to find reading books

78 Use Fairtrade products, including cleaning products
     We already do this

79 Buy locally sourced food
     We have moved to providing our own school lunches and this will be part of our commitment.

80 Grow your own vegetables
     We already do this

81 Enjoy nature
     All children have access to nature. This is planned though our Forest school programme. 

82 Pray before meals
     We already do this

83 Buy ethical clothing
     Uniforms are from ethically sourced supplier

84 Check your carbon footprint
    Links to walking to school Sustrans etc. this is ongoing

85 Close windows, curtains and doors to keep heat in
    We do this already. 

86 Insulate your loft
    New part of school is insulated. 

87 Don’t leave appliances on standby
    Ongoing - We need to do more of this. 

88 ‘Food for thought’ before meals – considering origins of our food
    Grace before meals. 

89 Walk, cycle, take the bus, tram or train instead of driving
     Sustrans and Manchester BeeNetwork. 

90 Reduce driving speeds to use less fuel.
    Part of the Sustrans approach 

91 Share cars and offer lifts to others
    Sustrans and ManchesterBeeNetwork. 

92 Save water
93 Cook with leftovers
     plans to lessen rate and reuse food as we take on our own school lunches 

94 Switch to renewable energy, for example through Ecotricity

95 Have a weekly meat-free day
 We already do this on Fridays. 

96 Compost food waste
 This is in place but could be expanded

97 Use cloth bags instead of plastic carrier bags
     Planned for next academic year

98 Offer temporary housing for homeless youngsters
    We liaise with the homeless families unit as appropriate

99 Volunteer for a cause you care about
    Planned for next academic year

100 Help local foodbanks distribute surplus food to people in need
      We already have links to Cornerstones and t the food bank and were instrumental in supporting the set up of That Bread and Butter thing. 

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