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United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) articles supported by our well-being focused provisions:


At St Mary's we are committed to all aspects of children's development. 


Some of the strategies we use to support children's health and well being are:


  • The Daily Mile: All classes from Y1-Y6 walk a mile each day -getting lots of Vitamin D and regular daily exercise.
  • All after school sports are free - they change every term and the children get to vote via the Sport's Council.
  • Music - every child learns an instrument in Key Stage 2.
  • Relax Kids: A well being club that parents can access for the children on a termly basis.
  • Rainbows and Sunbeams: These emotional support groups help pupils who may have undergone a recent bereavement or trauma. 
  • Gimme 5: Every classroom has a poster up where children can leave their name if they need a 5 minute chat with their teacher. This can be about anything from sharing good news or a problem.
  • Chatzone: Children can post a note in the ChatZone box if they've got an issue that they want support with.
  • Friendship Council: Mrs Gordon runs the Friendship council. These children look at how everyone can make sure they get along together. They have been trained in the Princess Diana anti-bullying programme.


Nature Led interventions and support:

  • Gardening Club
  • Forest School
  • Willow Weaving


We are proud to be a 'My Happy Mind' school.


The programme runs across school and is taught weekly. It fits in really well with our 'Learning Powers' and ensures directed time is regularly devoted to health and mental well being.


We believe in teaching the science and then embedding habits around mental wellbeing in a fun and positive way. Rather than focussing on the ‘issues’ or challenges overtly we take a preventative approach by giving children the understanding and tools to cope when times get hard. Research shows that preventative approaches are both more accessible for children and are more likely to lead to lasting change.


You can find out ore about the programme here.


My Happy Mind

Our children access the My Happy Mind programme in school through weekly interactive lessons. In teaching this programme we are preparing our children for tomorrows world by building resilient, balanced and happy minds at school and at home.

This programme brings together all the important elements needed to help develop positive mental health in our young children. The programme not only addresses our children’s emotional health but also their resilience, helping them to keep going when life and learning get difficult. Parents can download the My Happy Mind App for use at home and journey through the programme with their children to reinforce what they have learned in school.

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