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We have a few in year places in some year groups. Please take a look at the website and fill in the online admission form if you want to happy and we will be in touch.

United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) supported by our curriculum:


Curriculum Statement of Intent


The Federation of St Cuthbert’s and St Marys, believe that learning should be a journey of discovery and excitement. Pupils follow the National Curriculum, where they are immersed in a broad and balanced curriculum that instils a love for learning through practical and first-hand experiences.  Our curriculum aims to provide a challenging, engaging, well-planned and relevant learning experience both in and outside the classroom. This, combined with high quality teaching, supports children’s development and helps nurture a community of versatile, empathetic young people who have a genuine thirst for learning. Learning at the Federation of St Cuthbert’s and St Mary’s is a social activity. It relies on knowledge construction. Through a Growth Mindset approach to both teaching and learning, our pupils and staff engage in and embrace daily challenges; support each other to succeed and achieve; are resilient and purposeful learners. Pupils and staff are encouraged to be reflective about the quality of their own and peer work. We encourage the development of Cooperative Learning Skills to ensure that pupils can work together as well as learning independently.


We provide pupils with a global curriculum based on knowledge and skills that are relevant to the diverse and ever-changing world we live in. Pupils learn the global skills that are critical for lifelong learning and success.


We respect and value all children and are committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe environment for all pupils so they can learn in a relaxed and secure atmosphere. The Federations emphasis on creativity, active learning, learning outdoors and nurture ensure that children make good and outstanding progress across the curriculum. All pupils at our school receive a progressive and inter-connected curriculum that provides continuity and takes individual differences into account.

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