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School closes for the Easter break on Thursday 28th March at 2pm. We reopen on Monday 8th April at 08:30. Happy Easter everyone

St Mary's Remembers


So far we have shared our remembrance wall with a number of our schools families. They have said that they have really enjoyed lighting a candle and remembering their loved ones. 


Here is a picture of our memory wall.

In school we are making a memorial wall to remember all our family members who are no longer with us. Families are invited to come in and light a candle on a Friday during the month of November.

- Year 3/4C Class Chaplains

Class Collective Worship


In KS2, the children lead our Collective Worship sessions each week. The children really enjoy finding different Bible stories to reflect on, choosing songs and thinking about what the class can reflect on and take into the next week.

We do collective worship every Friday and it is a fun gathering and reflecting activity. Personally, we think collective worship is a good way of remembering our past, learning from our mistakes and speaking to God. Here are some examples of our Collective Worship books.

Here's some examples of our Class Altars.

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