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School closes for the Easter break on Thursday 28th March at 2pm. We reopen on Monday 8th April at 08:30. Happy Easter everyone

Mr Balmforth - Year 5 Teacher

Hello I'm Mr Balmforth! Here is a little information about me. There are many things in life that bring be tremendous joy but by far the biggest is my dog, Molly! I am a big fan of reading. My favourite books are crime-based thrillers but recently I have been exploring adventure and fantasy books. I have just finished the Lord of the Rings trilogy, I loved it! I love most things to do with sport, I played cricket growing up and my favourite football team is Liverpool. On a weekend, you might find me trudging up a big hill, by foot or bike, before racing down it again!


My favourite article from the UNCRC:


My favourite article is number 24, the right to health, water, food and environment. Children have the right to the best health care possible, clean water to drink, healthy food and a clean and safe environment to live in. All adults and children should have information about how to stay safe and healthy. This is my favourite article because it sums up our mission as loving one another as I have loved you by putting the responsibility on richer countries to support and develop poorer countries to achieve this.

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