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Information regarding the return to face to face learning for all pupils will be sent out this week and can be found on the 'News and Events' tab under Corona Virus

  Dear Families,


Have a wonderful time this Christmas and all the best in New Year.

Please, have a look at our video and enjoy. 


Remote learning links for 5.1.2021

Please find below links to remote learning activities for Tuesday 5th January 2021. To access the learning materials please select the subject name.


Maths: 9 times tables and multiplication and division facts. There is a powerpoint presentation to work through. Throughout the presentation it will say to complete given questions, these are available on the worksheet additionally provided in the folder. Children may write their answers on a separate piece of paper.


Literacy: Fronted adverbials. To begin, work through the powerpoint presentation which will explain what a fronted adverbial is. Complete the warm up activity presentation to practise this grammar point before working through the Narnia activity where children will create their own sentences including fronted adverbials of place, time and manner. Children should complete this work on separate paper, not on the documents in the folder.


Science: Different types of rock. Instructions for this activity are given on the document for you.


In case you aren't sure, here are the links to videos with top tips for how to use Seesaw:

How to use the Seesaw app:


How to use Seesaw in browsers:


Remember, there are activities on Reading Eggs, Spelling Shed and MyMaths that can be completed too!


Stay safe,

Miss Piekarska

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