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Welcome to Class 3M!


STAFF:- Mr McAndrew, Mrs Jones, Mrs MaGeehan, Mrs Gordon & Miss Hollingsworth.


SUMMER 1 2021





This will take place weekly on Wednesday and Thursday. 


As all PE will take place outside, your child will need:

  1. White t-shirt
  2. Blue shirts
  3. Trainers
  4. Navy blue jumper
  5. Navy blue tracksuit bottoms


ALL children should come to school dressed in their PE kit and remain in this all day. 



Swimming - Those children who have not yet achieved their 25m will continue swimming for the summer term.  This will replace the Thursday PE lesson.  Please note, children will in the late swimming session and will not return to school until 3.30pm.  They can be picked up in the main school car park when they return from the swimming baths.


Clothing requirements for School Swimming are as follows:-



One-piece swimming costume – no bikinis*

A swimming hat is required to be worn if the hair covers the eyes or airways

A towel

* Please note that in order for your child to benefit from the swimming lessons appropriate aquatic clothing must be worn. Should your children wish to wear items of clothing that cover up parts of the body, there are specific aquatic clothing designed for this purpose. Cotton leggings are detrimental to teaching and are a risk to health and safety.



A pair of traditional swimming trunks.


No Bermuda or long shorts are allowed, as these can be dangerous.  - for reasons of safety the swimwear should be sufficiently tight fitting to allow the freedom of body and limb movement without causing unsafe water resistance.  


A swimming hat is required to be worn if hair covers the eyes or airways

A towel


Jewellery of any description should not be worn in the School Swimming lesson.  It is important that earrings in particular are removed.


Goggles are only permitted for medical reasons.  Parents must produce a letter from either a Doctor or Optician to state that your child has a medical condition and is required to wear goggles in the school swimming lesson. 




We encourage parents to read with their child for 10-20mins every night. This can be a school book or a book from home. 

Reading Records should be signed regularly and brought in every Wednesday for a member of staff to sign and change the book where necessary. 




Children are expected to complete home learning activities to help with their Maths and English.


SPELLINGS - Given out on a Monday to practise. They will be tested on Friday


MY MATHS - Online activities linked to classwork - they are expected to complete the activities weekly.


LEARNING LOGS -  An ideas sheet will be handed out at the beginning of each half term.  Children are expected to complete an activity weekly and upload onto Seesaw before Friday, when the children will share their work with the class. This will all be electronic, so Learning Logs do not need to come into school and should remain at home.  



This half term our topic is SUPERHEROES, focusing on the countries and capital cities in Europe and North and South America.  



This half term we will be looking at the Universal Church.




In English we will be developing our reading, writing, spellings and grammar skills through a range of fiction writing opportunities - The focus this half term will be on persuasive letter writing and Superhero Adventure Stories.  We will be writing a persuasive letter in response to a letter of complaint and write our own Superhero Adventure Story using Iron Man as our hero.  Key speaking and listening skills will be extended through role plays and drama. 


Guided Reading sessions and reading across the curriculum will enable children to develop a love of reading.  Please help your child by listening to them read for 10-20mins every night!  Reading Records should be signed regularly and they will be collected every Wednesday for a member of staff to sign.  Children can only change their reading books on a Wednesday, due to the current situation.  If they forget to bring in their book to change, they will have to wait until the following Wednesday.  All returned books will be placed in a box and left for a week, before being returned to the library.




In Maths we will be looking at telling the time, the properties of 2D and 3D shapes, including angles and lines and looking at weight, volume and capacity.  Children will be challenged to apply the skills learnt to gain a deeper understanding of the application of mathematical concepts in the real world.  


Keep learning your times tables - You should know your 2s, 5s and 10s from Year 2!

                                                       - Year 3 will focus on 3s, 4s and 8s.


Practise reading the time every day!


Homework - Log on to TT Rockstars to practice those timestables and weekly activities will be set on My Maths, based on the topics being covered in class.  All children are expected to complete the weekly activities set on My Maths and this will be followed up in class.


If your child cannot tell the time, please practice this with them before we start our unit in class.




In Science we will be learning about forces and magnets.  We will be looking at how magnets work and which materials are magnetic.




In Topic we will be focusing on Geography and map work, looking at the countries in Europe and their capital cities.



Throughout the summer term we will be working through our module 'Created and loved by God'. Within this module we will cover four units, starting with religious understanding to support our learning of PSHE themes. We will then move onto the unit 'Me, My Body, My Health' before exploring the third unit 'Emotional Wellbeing'. We will finish the summer term looking at our final unit of 'Life Cycles'. For any further information please see the TenTen parent portal. 





Children have been given logins for:


- Reading Eggs

- Spelling Shed

- Times Tables Rock Star


These apps and webpages are fantastic resources for the children to access independently to help improve their core skills of reading, spelling and times tables. 


Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


Mr McAndrew






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