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Year 6H are isolating until 25th September. Information can be found in News and events for updates on Covid 19 Corona Virus. See the Home Learning Support section for learning, pastoral and well being support whilst self-isolating at home; this will be updated ASAP.

Learning Log Autumn 1

Welcome to Year 1!


St Ambrose Class - Miss Claffey


Miss Claffey would like to welcome you to our class page!


Welcome to Year 1 and the start of an exciting new school year! We hope you have had enjoyed your time at home with your family and that you have had some much needed rest over the summer holidays. We are excited to welcome you all back and are ready for lots of fun learning at school!


 If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Our PE days will be on a Monday and a Friday. Children should come into school wearing their PE kits on these days. Please ensure your child's name is in all items of clothing including their basic school uniform. If your child's name is not on their items of clothing this makes it very difficult to locate lost items. If you are unsure of what your child needs for their PE kit please see our School uniform policy.

Curriculum Focus




This term we will be learning about Families and Belonging. We will learn that we all play an important role in our families and that all families are different. We will learn about how we care for our families and how we are all part of God's family over the world. We will also learn about the importance of belonging and how we feel when we think about our belonging to a group. 




In Literacy, we will be focusing on letter formation, handwriting and sentence structure.  We will be practising using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops with independence. The children will practise these skills through a range of genres including retells, instructions and group work. We will be using texts to support our developing writing.  These will include traditional tales and stories with predictable phrases. 




This term, we will start by doing lots of counting with our numbers up to ten. As we become confident with these numbers we will then begin counting up to twenty. We will also be challenging ourselves to solve problems involving addition and subtraction. 


We will learn about shape through practical and fun activities. 


Please help your child by practicing counting and writing their numbers up to 20.




In Science, we will be learning all about Animals including humans! We will be identifying the basic parts of the human body and learning about which part of the body is associated with each body sense. Throughout our lessons we will be asking lots of questions, observing and performing simple tests, identifying and classifying and gathering and recording data. We will also be learning about how physical exercise and a healthy diet are both very important in keeping our bodies healthy. 




In Geography, we will be exploring the topic 'All about me'. We will be learning and exploring the geography of our local area and where we live. We will learn about aerial view maps and will be guided in creating our own!


In Design Technology we will be exploring the topic of masks. We will look at the origins of mask wearing and why certain people choose to wear them. We will then get creative and design and make our own masks! 


Home Learning


Learning logs will be sent home each week and must be returned to school the following week (specific days for these will be confirmed). The children will then get the opportunity to share the work they have done with their peers and celebrate their home learning in class. 




Reading is an integral part of our school day. As well as a daily designated class reading time the children will access a wide range of texts throughout the day. They will have opportunities to read texts during shared teaching, as part of a small group and individually. Your child will read with an adult in school at least once a week during a guided reading session.  


It is important that your child brings their reading book into school every day so that we can maximise additional opportunities for them to read. Please encourage your child to read every day at home and make it a special time together. 


Please can you sign the reading record when you have read and discussed the book with your child. Children also need to complete the reading activities in the log book. The reading books will be changed at least once a week. Remember little and often is the best way to develop a love for reading!




We will be teaching phonics daily. The children will be learning new sounds and practising their blending and segmenting skills, which will support in their reading and writing. Towards the end of the first half term, the children will be given different spellings related to what the focus is in their group that week. The spellings will be sent home as part of their weekly homework and there will be a spelling test of these words the following week. 


For supporting any home learning relating to Phonics, Phonics Play is a fantastic website with lots of free games/resources.


Additionally, weekly activities will be set on MyMaths, a link to the website can be found below.

Key Dates


Key dates for events throughout our new school year will be confirmed in September 2020. 


May we take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support. 


Miss Claffey

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