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See the page in News and events for updates on Covid 19 Corona Virus. See the Home Learning Support section for learning, pastoral and well being support at home. St Mary's staff have created a video message for you to watch in the home learning support section.

Home Learning


In anticipation children and families having to self isolate due to the Coronavirus outbreak we have setup Google drives to share work for the year 6 pupils to access from home so that they have the opportunity to continue their education in line with the curriculum long-term overview. 

The children should be able to access this work and information independently by following the google drive links below and can present their work in the new learning log that they have been provided with, we encourage them to be as creative as possible.

In addition to this work the children can continue to use the e-learning platforms that the school have bought into such as Spelling Shed, My Maths, Education city and Timestables Rock Stars and to work through the SATS buster books for maths and English that the children have been provided with.  

We will periodically update the in the folders and MyMaths platform.  


Year 6 Google Drive Shareable links







Welcome to Year 6!


Spring 2020


Class 6K (Sydney) 


Mr Kelly, Mr Usher and Mrs Wilson would like to welcome you all to our year 6 web page.


This is a very important term for Year 6.  They will be busy preparing for their SAT examinations which will be held during the week beginning the 11th May 2020.  We know that they will all work hard towards these examinations and will use all their learning powers to help them be the best that they can be and that journey started in the Autumn term and continues now into the Spring term. It is also our aim that they will get an extremely well balanced as we understand the importance of learning opportunities that can be gained from delivering a broad curriculum. As part of maintaining our rich curriculum PE will be taught every Friday afternoon and we expect children to have full PE kit including trainers with them in school on that day.




Curriculum Focus




In RE we will be learning about the Bible - building our understanding of how it was created and that it is the story of God's love, told by the people of God. We will be learning about unity, how by they way we build relationships with others is the same as the way we build our relationship with God through communion and the Holy Eucharist.  



In English we will be developing our reading, writing and grammar skills through our Titanic unit. Here we will become experts on everything there is to know about the Titanic. How it was built, advertised, what it looked like, how it was run. We will research what happened on the night the Titanic fatally collided with an iceberg and events that occurred after. Pupil's will have the opportunity to find out about survivors stories and compare different passengers and crew members accounts. 

Through this children will work on audience, purpose and features of different types of text: information, newspaper reports, diaries and testimonies.

A court case will be held and pupil's will take on the roll of members of the courtroom to find a verdict to a case linked to the sinking of the Titanic. Will they rule in favour of the owners of the Titanic or a passenger aboard the ship?

By the end of the unit pupil's will have completed a non-chronological report, survivor account and persuasive write within the Titanic theme.




In Maths we will be developing the children's knowledge, fluency, reasoning and application of these focuses through greater depth activities and problem solving. In the Spring term the year 6 children will be working with and looking at the relationships between decimals, percentages and fractions. They will be working on solving algebraic equations and consolidating their understanding of converting measurements, area, perimeter and volume. 


In Science the children will be learning all about living things and habitats, about how animals can be classified and can adapt to suit the habitat in which they live.  



In Topic the focus will be on the continent of Europe. The children will be looking at maps and locating the countries and major cities of Europe. We will be looking at the importance of looking after the environment and how the links and relationships between each European country means that reducing carbon emissions has to be a joint effort. We will be looking at each European countries carbon footprint and looking at how they are working to reduce carbon emissions but will be learning that we all depend on each other to achieve this goal. We will be looking at the Laudato Si Encyclical and trying to find ways that we can in our own lives begin to live simply to do our bit to reduce our own carbon footprint. We will conduct a local study and try to discover what are our local environmental issues and find ways to take action.

We will also be covering another DT project during this topic; we will be designing and making our own bag for life from recycled materials. 

Home Learning


Learning Log homework will be celebrated each Friday with a focus being set each week. We expect just one quality page of work each week based on their current learning.


In addition to this the children - to help them prepare for their maths SATs - have been given login details to an excellent, free online tutoring service, MyMaths.  Work will be set on a weekly basis following the children's progression through the year 6 maths curriculum, it also allows them to revisit work that they have found difficult or they can challenge themselves with extension activities. It is our expectation that this work is completed on time. 

Arithmetic tests will be completed each Monday morning and your child will be required to edit their mistakes at home and return them to school by Friday at the latest.


There is an expectation that the children read for 1/2 an hour every night as a minimum.


(Please let the school know if for whatever reason you are unable to access MYMaths at home and we will try to make alternative arrangements for your child)


Home learning is essential if your child is to achieve all that they are capable of.  Expectations are high and a routine needs to be kept to to ensure that they complete all tasks set and hand them in on time this will help to reduce their test anxiety as it will remove the need for 'cramming' as the SATs approach.

Key Dates


During the Spring term the children in year 6 will take the lead on many of the important festivals within this period. Please make a note of these important dates or refer to the school calendar:


  • Monday 20th January - Start of Growth Mindset week.
  • Friday 24th January - 2:30pm - Growth  Mindset week celebrations of work.
  • Friday 14th February - School closes for half term.
  • Monday 24th February - School opens.
  • Wednesday 26th February Ash Wednesday.
  • Friday 6th March - World Book Day.
  • Thursday 12th March - Poetry Cafe.
  • Monday 6th April - Lenten reflection led by Year 6.
  • Wednesday 8th April - House Day
  • Thursday 9th April - School closes for Easter holidays.


May we take this opportunity to thank you for all your continued support.  


Mr Kelly, Mr Usher and Mrs Wilson


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