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Year 6H are isolating until 25th September. Information can be found in News and events for updates on Covid 19 Corona Virus. See the Home Learning Support section for learning, pastoral and well being support whilst self-isolating at home; this will be updated ASAP.



Welcome to Year 6




Mr Usher, Mrs Hall and Mr Beresford would like to welcome you all to our year 6 web page.


Welcome back year 6 - we cannot express how excited we are to have you back at school.  Over the last few months, we have experienced a time like no other before it and we are still exploring what is the new 'normal' but we know that you will embrace all of the opportunities that year 6 will offer to you with enthusiasm and by using all of your learning powers. 


Our aim that all children will get an extremely well balanced as we understand the importance of learning opportunities that can be gained from delivering a broad curriculum. As part of maintaining our rich curriculum, PE will be taught every Friday and we expect children to wear a full PE kit all day so that they can take part in this vital part of the curriculum.




Curriculum Focus



In RE we will be learning about Loving and the family for it is in  the love of God's family that Christians first experience the reality of the Church. 


Scripture: Isaiah 54: 10 The mountains and hills may crumble, but my love for you will never end; I will keep for ever my promise of peace.



In English, we will be developing our reading, writing and grammar skills through our Macbeth unit. Here we will look at Shakespeare's careful, and beautiful, use of language and plot.  Through this children will work on audience, purpose and features of different types of text: letters, poetry and story.




In Maths, we will be developing the children's knowledge, fluency, reasoning and application of these focuses through greater depth activities and problem solving. During the autumn term, we will be applying our place value knowledge, consolidating our use of the four operations and extending our work with fractions.


In Science,the children will be learning all about animals, including humans, We will learn  about the circulatory system and how we can affect how well it works.  




In Topic, the focus will be on the World at war - beginning with looking  at the life in the trenches during World War 1.  We will be looking at the events that led up to the outbreak of war and the conditions the soldiers faced.  During this unit, we are hoping that the children will be able to recreate their own trench and taste trench stew. 

Home Learning


Home learning will be celebrated each Friday with a focus being set each week. Work will be set through the Seesaw application, with the expectation of one quality piece of work completed each week.


In addition to this the children - to help them prepare for their maths SATs - have been given login details to an excellent, free online tutoring service, MyMaths.  Work will be set on a weekly basis following the children's progression through the year 6 maths curriculum, it also allows them to revisit work that they have found difficult or they can challenge themselves with extension activities. It is our expectation that this work is completed on time. 

Arithmetic tests will be completed each Monday morning and your child will be required to edit their mistakes at home and return them to school by Friday at the latest.


There is an expectation that the children read for 1/2 an hour every night as a minimum.  Pupils will return their book every Thursday so that staff can assess their progress.


Pupils have been given access to Spelling shed.  There is an expectation that pupils will use this application every week.


(Please let the school know if for whatever reason you are unable to access MYMaths at home and we will try to make alternative arrangements for your child)


Home learning is essential if your child is to achieve all that they are capable of.  Expectations are high and a routine needs to be kept to to ensure that they complete all tasks set and hand them in on time this will help to reduce their test anxiety as it will remove the need for 'cramming' as the SATs approach.



May we take this opportunity to thank you for all your continued support.  


Mr Usher, Mrs Hall and Mr Beresford


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