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Welcome to our Nursery Home Page 2020-2021

Summer 2



A really big welcome back after our half term break to all of our lovely families and children!  



Nursery team 

Teacher - Mrs Searle

Learning Support - Miss Dowdall


The Early Years gate opens at 8.30am.  The Early Years bubble (Nursery and Reception classes) will close at 8.40am prompt.  If your child is late you will need to wait until all other minischool bubbles have closed before entering the school through the school office.  Please ensure your child arrives promptly at school each day.  At the end of the day the doors open at 2.40pm.  Please arrive on time to collect your child.


Remote Learning


This term we will continue uploading home learning onto Seesaw and we are really grateful to you and the children for your positive response to this new way of learning at home.  The quality and variety of learning uploaded onto Seesaw has been outstanding and the children have really enjoyed sharing their work on Seesaw with the class.  If it becomes necessary this term for your child to work at home you will be able to use Seesaw to access their home learning.  In the meantime we will continue to post weekly home learning activities onto Seesaw.


Tapestry Online Learning Journal


Tapestry is proving to be a wonderful method of home/school communication enabling you to view your child’s experiences and comment on the posts, as well as share with us what you have been up to at home.  Please continue posting on Tapestry as we love seeing what the children have been doing at home.


In The Moment Learning


We have an ''in the moment' child-initiated approach to learning which encourages the children's natural curiosity in a safe and enabling environment. It starts with the child and their interests and is led by the child. Instead of a topic based approach, we plan 'in the moment' based on the interests of the child at that particular time.  Each week we focus on different children and work with those children to seize the moment and move their learning on.  Each child is a focus child once per term and as we did last term, we will let you know when it is your child's turn to be a focus.


Literacy and Phonics


Alongside our in the moment planning we do make sure that we cover particular texts this term which are shown below. You can find these stories being read or animated on YouTube and we would recommend that you look at them at home with your child.     








and we sing a range of nursery rhymes and songs including the following:

                                                                If you're happy and you know it clap your hands

                                                                 The alphabet song ( a b c d e ...)

                                                                  Jack and Jill

                                                                  The big ship sails on the alley alley-o

                                                                   Do you know the muffin man?



There are lots of version of these nursery rhymes and songs on the internet so you and your child can enjoy joining in with these songs at home and learning all the actions.  Action songs are a great way for children to develop their language, their sense of rhythm and rhyme in language and their concentration. 


Our focus in Phonics this term is on segmenting and blending words and linking sounds to letters .  You can support your child by segmenting short words (words with 3 sounds such as cat, dog, hat, hen, pin etc) using the letter sounds not letter names and encouraging your child to do the same.  If you are unsure of the letter sounds you can listen to the Jolly Phonics songs on You Tube which include the letter sounds.  You can also begin teaching your child the letter sounds for each letter beginning with s,a,t,p,i,n.





This term our focus is on ordering numbers and sets of objects from 0 to 5 so we will be putting numbers in order both forwards and backwards from 0 to 5 and from 5 to 0 and we will be ordering numicon and groups of objects in the same way.  We will be finding out what is 1 more and 1 less than numbers from 0 to 5 and we will be using numicon to make numbers so for instance we will be finding out that we can use numicon number 2 and numicon number 1 to make 3.






The children will continue to practise tracing over and copying their names.  Some of the children can copy their names now and the focus for them will be on writing their names without copying, learning to form the letters correctly and beginning to write their surnames.



Religious Education


This term we will be thinking about friendship and how we can be good friends to each other.  We will also be talking about God's wonderful world and how we can respect and take care of everything in it.  We will continue to think about being Handmade With Love and to consider how God has made us to love others.



Learning Outdoors


 As you know we go outdoors in all weathers and regularly use our 'Let's explore' muddy area. We have waterproof trousers and coats that the children wear when using this area but for other times and for their feet your child will need:


a waterproof coat

a pair of wellies

a drawstring bag containing a change of clothing including underwear which can be left on their peg.



Reading books 


As we did last term, we will send reading books home in reading bags each Friday for your to share and enjoy with your child.  The books should be returned on the following Wednesday to allow enough time for them to quarantine before we send out new ones.  Home learning is now on Seesaw rather than in Learning Log books and there is information about Seesaw above and in our newsletters.

Partnership with Parents


  • It is important for parents and early years settings to have a strong and respectful partnership. This sets the scene for children to thrive in the early years.
  • This includes listening regularly to parents and giving parents clear information about their child's progress.
  • The help that parents give their children at home has a very significant impact on their learning.
  • Some children get less support for their learning at home than others. By knowing and understanding all children and their families, we will offer extra help to those who need it most.
  • It is important to encourage all parents to chat, play and read with their children.


Useful Information for parents from the NSPCC

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Useful Information for parents from Early Education

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Useful information for parents from BBC/CBeebies

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Phonics Home Learning


Phase 1 Phonic Home Learning Activities

Phase 2 Phonic Home Learning Activities

  • Phase 2 soundsClick here to look at the Phase 2 Sound-mat and to hear how the sounds are pronounced correctly.

  • Phase 2 tricky wordsClick here to listen to the Phase 2 'tricky words song' which we sing in our phonics lessons.

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