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Welcome back to all our children. Nursery applications close soon please make sure you have your application in so you don't miss out!

Mr Usher's Group

Mr Usher's Group.


Karol, Ivo, Jaice, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Tigist, Kayleigh, Renea, Azan, Dillon, Caylun.


Today was a great day, our first day at Ghyll Head. We went on a long walk up Gummers How . As we got there, Tom (our instructor) told us about cattle and told us that we should be careful because it was where they lived and grazed. When we got to the top we were so tired and out of breath. It was so challenging!! It took us a while to get to the top but we made it in the end. After we made it, we went down to the trees and climbed up them. We made our way back and we went down a steep hill. Once we made it down the rocky slope we headed back to the coach. There were cattle on the path so we had to be very quiet not to alarm them. Tonight we are doing the night line. 


See you soon from Caylun, Jaice, Ivo.

Day 1

Day 2

Mr Usher's group. Tuesday. 

This afternoon, was probably the best time of my life!!! Firstly, we followed our leader ( Tom) to Lake Windermere to do some canoeing. At first, I didn't have a clue what to do but as time passed, I knew everything about the canoeing. We went past the other boats and they threw water on me!!! We played a game and then we returned to the house. I was exhausted once I was in my room and my heart was thumping like a leaping frog. 

By Azan. 


Today we went to do 3 activities. A rope course, rock climbing and a zip wire on the top platform. I was really scared at the start but then i just jumped off and I thought I was going to fall but it was really fun. After that, we did a rope course and I only fell of 3 times I was pretty terrible at the climbing but it was still fun!!


By Dillon



Tonight we played the world famous Alien Game. Its was where we had to find 20 aliens drawn on a board with cereal numbers on them and a name. They were apparently from the plant Zog.(The planet was probably made up planet). Our team probably got about 16 or 17. My favourite alien was "Rob" and his cereal number Z23SR80Q- beware....there are still aliens out there. 


By Karol

Day 3

Today was a brilliant day packed with fun! We were underground today in the caves.

First, we went in a cave called Thistle, that one was probably one of the better ones because on the way there we were dry. After that we had to walk towards the caves and there were sink hole and Ivo fell in one and it came up to his waist!!

The second one (Part of Thistle) was even better. We all knew we were going to get wet but some of us were super careful and didn't, also when there was a small hole or pathway, Tom (our team leader) had to send Elizabeth down because she was the smallest but Elizabeth didn't mind as she liked to go down and she found it great fun.

The last one was the best one...Definitely! It was called Run Scar. And guess what! We went in in our own! We didn't have Tom or Mr Usher with us, just the children: Elizabeth, Renea, Tigist, Jaice, Karol, Caylen, Kayleigh, Ivo, Rebecca and Dillon. Azan was the leader and he did a great job at leading us through safely.

Today we all had great fun it may have been one of the best days. We all rated our day either 9/10 or 10/10. It was amazing and Tom even said that we should join a caving team!

See you soon. Don't want to come home but at the same time we are missing everyone back home.

Written by Elizabeth, Renea and Rebecca.


Day 4

Today was amazing!We went on a walk to the top of a hill, where we had a great view of the windermere lake, then we played a game called captain camouflage. It is where you hide and people count and if they see you, you are out and if you reach the base without getting seen you are in the winners area.Then we walked back to the house.                 

 When we walked back to Ghyll Head, we put warmer clothes on, including: T-shirts, jumpers, trousers, hat and gloves. Then we set off on another journey in the Ghyll Head garden.


In the Ghyll Head garden, we split up in groups of 5 and 6 and did different activities. The first activity was finding wood for tonights camp fire, I'd say we collected about 50 altogether. Last activity was Archery. We used proper arrows and I hit the target about twice.


Later that day, we went Ghyll scrambling where you had to climb over rocks. It was really hard. You sometimes needed to put your feet into the water and it was VERY COLD. Elizabeth even fell into the water. It was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny. She fell into the water by trying to help someone get up a rock but she was on a slippery rock, so then she SLIPPED. After a few minutes, we were crossing a river and then guess what we saw... A DEAD SHEEP. We saw all the organs and the face was... Smiling. It was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo creepy. 


In my opinion, I liked Ghyll scrambling the best of all time at Ghyll Head because it was one of the things I was best at. The learning powers I used were: challenge yourself, be creative ( when I was deciding to put my foot on the right rock to climb up ) and make it better.


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