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Welcome to Year 4 T!


Spring 1

Growth Mindset Week 2017


During Growth Mindset Week, we will really challenge our mindset and discuss why having a 'Growth' mindset rather than a 'Fixed' mindset is really important.


So far, we have been learning about how our brains work. Every time our brain learns something new or makes a connection, neurons grow more stringy dendrites!




PE continues to take place on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning.


Learning Logs

Learning Logs are shared every Thursday.



Tin whistle and individual lessons are on Thursdays.


Arithmetic Tests

We will complete an arithmetic test every Thursday. These will be marked together and we will go through some of the key errors that children make. Children will then bring their completed test home so that you can see how they are doing and they can practise some of the calculations that they are making mistakes on. We have not yet covered all of the topics that will be on the test so please don't worry if your child can not do all of the calculations. This half-term we are going to focus on working accurately with addition and subtraction calculations as all children should be familiar with the methods. We have also touched on the formal methods for multiplication and division but will be doing more of this in the coming weeks.

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