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Spring 1:


It is Growth Mindset week this week (w/c 16th January) where we will be reminding ourselves about the importance of always being aware of our mindsets and the importance of working hard to develop a growth mindset in situations where we may want to be fixed and give up easily. 


Even though we always use our learning powers, this week we will be paying close attention to how we use them to help us move on in our learning and achieve things we, at first, thought impossible. 


We have already started our biography research on inspirational people, who have shown their uses of a Growth Mindset to achieve wonderful and sometimes unbelievable things. The best things we have learnt so far, are that even those whom we believed to be naturally talented, were not, they achieved through hard work, dedication and a lot of resilience. E.g. Lionel Messi, Mo Farah, Walt Disney, JK Rowling - to name just a few. Keep up the learning log research and remember to display the information you gather in both a formal and informal biographical style. 


This week, we will be posting videos you have made on your chosen person's life. Check back Wednesday for the video updates.


This half-term in Topic, we are continuing with 'The World at War,' now focusing on WW2. Through this half-term, we will be combining our computing and music skills, to produce themed tunes on the ipads using garage band, which will relate to our WW2 theme.


Ghyll Head

With only one week to go until Ghyll Head, we hope you are all excited and looking forward to the new outdoor learning experiences the week will bring everyone. Please find below a copy of the 'parent information' and 'kit list,' which were sent out last half-term.


On returning from Ghyll Head, the first weeks English work will be themed around our experiences and challenges we have overcome. With this in mind, if you decide to bring a disposable camera with you, the pictures you take could be used in enhance you English learning as well as for your Learning Log assignment: My 'I can't do this yet' moment. Sharing your achievements and challenges through the week.

Autumn Term


Welcome to Mrs Hall's & Mrs Wilson's Year 6 Class-Zone page. Find out below what we have been learning about this term.


Year 6 pupils in Mrs Hall's & Mrs Wilson's class have been looking at Macbeth in literacy learning about the history of Macbeth and practicing their own Macbeth play which they will soon be performing at the contact theatre in Manchester shortly.




The Year 6 topic is all about world wars; they have been researching about the families and the history of the world wars. They have been looking at poems and understanding the style of text and wording in the poems including rhyming words, similes, repetition or even non-formal language and why they would use that type of language to describe what is happening.


In Science pupils of Mrs Hall's & Mrs Wilson's year 6 class have been learning about our bodies and the changes our body goes through from birth to old age. They have learning how blood vessels and blood cells have been helping them to keep their body working. They have also been learning the major organs of the human body and their senses including touch, see, hear, smell, taste.

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