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Autumn 1



This half term our year 6’s will begin their learning journey, studying Macbeth. Studying Macbeth will help our students to work on many fundamentals of the national curriculum such as descriptive writing, clarification and summary and drama.


Numbers – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Children will use their knowledge of the order of operations to carry out calculations involving the four operations.


Our P.E lessons will take place on Friday afternoons all year round. Children will be taught many strategies and techniques through different sports as the year develops. Your children are encouraged to bring their P.E kit in at the start of the half term and leave it in their lockers. At the end of the term children can take their kit home with them, wash it and bring it back in at the start of the following half term.


Home Learning

Learning Logs

Work for our learning logs will be set at the start of each week and are due back in every Friday. This half term work set will be based around the topic work which is World War 1.


It is vital our children are reading at home. This will help develop their vocabulary, descriptive writing and imagination to name just a few. Our children are expected to read for half an hour every evening.


Mental arithmetic tests are to be taken home so the children can correct their mistakes over the weekend.


It is extremely important children practice their spelling every night and supporting your children with their spelling would help them to improve.


Autumn Term


Welcome to Mrs Hall's & Mrs Wilson's Year 6 Class-Zone page. Find out below what we have been learning about this term.


Year 6 pupils in Mrs Hall's & Mrs Wilson's class have been looking at Macbeth in literacy learning about the history of Macbeth and practicing their own Macbeth play which they will soon be performing at the contact theatre in Manchester shortly.




The Year 6 topic is all about world wars; they have been researching about the families and the history of the world wars. They have been looking at poems and understanding the style of text and wording in the poems including rhyming words, similes, repetition or even non-formal language and why they would use that type of language to describe what is happening.


In Science pupils of Mrs Hall's & Mrs Wilson's year 6 class have been learning about our bodies and the changes our body goes through from birth to old age. They have learning how blood vessels and blood cells have been helping them to keep their body working. They have also been learning the major organs of the human body and their senses including touch, see, hear, smell, taste.

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