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Autumn Term


Theme 1: Ourselves

UW/Science: The body

PSED: family and communities

Likes/ dislikes

UW/History: grandparents day

Brown bear

Polar Bear

Oliver's vegetables


Theme 2: Where in the world is Barnaby Bear?

UW/Geography: alternative location

RE Christmas

Dear Santa

Handa's surprise


Spring Term


Theme 1: Bears

UW/Science: animals

Literacy: bear stories

PSED: favourite teddies

Bear Hunt

Peace at last


Theme 2: Space

UW/Science: space

UW/Geography: transport

Literacy: space stories

UW/ICT rockets

RE Easter


Summer Term


Theme 1: Growth

UW/Science: animal and plant development

uW/Geog: Habitats

UW/History: change over time.

Jaspers beanstalk

Little Red Hen

Farmer Duck


Theme 2: Pirates

Literacy : pirate stories

UW/Geography: transport

UW/History: pirates in the past

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